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花旗(西洋)參粉4oz罐裝 /span>

威州3G秉持對產品及顧客負責的態度,我們一律使用BPA Free包裝瓶,讓您買得放心,送的安心,吃的開心.

花旗參粉粉末細緻(120 Mesh),容易吸收,可直接吞服或加入熱水調成參茶飲用,其能補肺降火,對腸胃不好容易潰瘍的人很有好處.

Ginseng Powder recipe

1. Ginseng powder can also be added to baked items or simmered in the hot water when making rice
2. ginseng breakfast smoothies come in handy. The preparation is very simple. Just add 2 - 3 drops of ginseng liquid extract or one teaspoon of ginseng powder to your favorite breakfast smoothie recipe. And voila! you have a healthy energy-booster on the go.
3. My favorite ginseng smoothie recipe: In an electric blender, mix together 1 large ripe banana, 1/2 cup low-fat milk, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 cup frozen or fresh strawberries (thaw first if they're frozen), 1 tsp. ginseng powder and 2 - 4 ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Enjoy your healthy breakfast!
4. Making tea with ginseng powder: Dissolve 1 tsp. ginseng powder in one cup of hot water. Add honey or another sweetener of your choice.
5. To use ginseng for stir-fry, simply add a teaspoon of sliced fresh ginseng root or a tablespoon of ginseng powder to other ingredients in a sizzling saucepan, and the health quality of the dish will step up a notch.
6. While powdered ginseng added to hot water can be sipped by itself in a tea form, it is usually added to other teas, such as green or oolong, for flavor and added health benefits.
In China, oolong and ginseng are both used to aid in weight loss and to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Oolong tea with powdered ginseng makes for a tea with strong flavor and spicy bite.
Add a few Ginseng root shavings (or a pinch of powder) to soups and stews to add healthy flavor.
Use a few pinches of powder as you would use salt to add the essence to your daily diet.

sweet, bitter, cooling, moistening, restoring, raising, relaxing, nourishing
Heart hand shaoyin, Kidney foot shaoyin, Lung hand taiyin
1. tonifies the Qi (Lung, Spleen/Stomach/Intestines- digestive function)
2. nourishes Yin (Lungs)
3. clears Fire from Lung Yin deficiency 
4. moistens via generating body fluids

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