Why Choose Green Gold Ginseng

The company was founded in 1996, the company called Green Gold Ginseng LLC from the concept of American Ginseng are considered the green gold in its value. Because the first three letters of the word are G, it is referred to as 3G Wisconsin company. Green Gold Ginseng LLC was established in 1996 located the origin of the American ginseng Marathon County, Wisconsin. 3G 's Wisconsin ginseng all from the local ginseng farm, the company adhere to the puerile, first quality philosophy won the customer favorite, please contact us for retail, and wholesale orders.

  1. We carry the most complete and mature skills, we have bullet, short, half short and long, total 4 graded categories.
  2. We have different package to meet customer needs, such as 3/4/8oz box, 8oz bag and 1lb bags.
  3. Different grades of ginseng market price differently, we are the small profits company, whether before or after discounts or rebates, we are the authentic Ginseng with the best price.
  4. bags packaging for gifting parents, siblings (relatives), friends and neighbors and their own consumption, so 3G customers are mostly repeat customers.
  5. When using shipping parcel can not be delivered to the recipient address and we will contact guests about parcel delivery information to prevent the package returned, guests appreciate our service.
  6. Our customer is not code for number, your name will represent you, many of our customers feel that we serve with friendships and sincere attitude.
  7. Ginseng market quality varies, we located at the origin of Marathon County, we use of local farm products ginseng, and support environmental issue, so we don't sell the import ginseng from oversea.
  8. Although we do not send parcels abroad, but using USPS shipping method with the post office, not only is sent with Alaska, Hawaii, Saipan other U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. military bases overseas APO / FPO.
  9. We also ship to hotel, and conference center to many visitors from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore who come to the United States.