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American or Wisconsin ginseng in its various forms has been known to remedy a number of conditions, from the common cold to even diabetes and cancer. The good news for people who want to try out ginseng slices, ginseng prongs, or ginseng fiber is that most of these positive effects and benefits are not just brought by word of mouth and hearsay, as there have been studies and research that have done to prove the efficacy of the root for certain conditions. Fortunately, the results of these studies have indeed been positive, reinforcing a centuries-old natural and traditional medical practice of using ginger slices to cure various ailments.

A good thing to note for families and patients of breast cancer is that there is proof that ginseng slices, prongs, or fiber have improved the quality of life among survivors of the condition. Researchers at Vanderbilt University have claimed that using ginseng after a cancer diagnoses has been associated with patients feeling better and more comfortable, particularly in the domains of social well-being and psychology. Moreover, patients, with increased cumulative ginseng use, have shown to improve quality of life.

Green Gold Ginseng offers ginseng slice products, as well as other American ginseng preparations such as prongs and fiber, in which all are guaranteed to improve health and well-being.

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