How to Choose American Ginseng?

When it's time to choose American Ginseng among many selections, lots of customers ask which one is the best choice for me.

We need to go back to the basic question, what is American Ginseng? Does the high price better than regular price items?
American Ginseng is a common herb used in Asia, especially for Chinese society. It can work very well with other herbs to provide health benefit to people, but it is not a magic medicine which you take only once and you are good. In order for American Ginseng to perform the maximum benefit to the human body, you need to take it from time to time.

Because American Ginseng is also an agriculture product, so its size varies especially when you harvest them after 4 years. The market price for those different categories based on the market demand and the available harvest crop volume. The expensive one does not mean it has higher benefit than others.


Buying the box package looks better than bag package if you plan to give out as special gift. But if you are buying for yourself or someone don't need the box only the product, then bag package can save you a little and easy to carry.
For business purpose, then Pearl Bullet is the best choice because their high end price and demand in the market.

For parents, family, and friends medium size is good enough.

For yourself, buy the prong bag package is good.