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So many words have been written about how American or Wisconsin ginseng is supposed to be beneficial for one's health. Yet, almost all articles that we have read are not really backed by substantial scientific studies for us to be thoroughly convinced of its effects. We have only read that "certain" studies have pointed out the positive effects of Wisconsin ginseng, but without sufficient proof, there are those of us who will believe that these claims that may not really be true in the first place.

However, a recent study by the reputable Mayo Clinic has pointed out to one positive effect of Wisconsin ginseng - its ability to aid in the reduction of fatigue in patients suffering from cancer. Cancer patients usually find themselves exhausted even after only finishing simple tasks, and even resting and additional hours of sleep do not help. Clinical trials of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have presented evidence that fatigue levels of cancer patients are remarkably decreased after they take daily doses of Wisconsin ginseng for a couple of months.

Now, if that does not convince you of the effects of Wisconsin ginseng, nothing will! So, go ahead and browse through our website for a wide selection of Wisconsin ginseng products available for you.

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Green Gold Ginseng LLC was established at 1996. Because American Ginseng was a very special, high market price and valuable plant to its customers so that we name the company as Green + Gold + Ginseng. We produce and market 100% Wisconsin made American Ginseng. Read More.

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